Time For A Big Update

I’ve been extremely busy lately with a lot of very exciting things, some of which I can share with you now.

Superheroes Ltd #2

The comic is looking absolutely beautiful and I’m really impressed with how it’s coming out so far.  I think this issue is really going to be a showcase for exactly what I am capable of and I think you’re all going to love it.  There’s tension, there’s mystery, there’s intrigue and, of course, a little humour.

Here is a preview image while you’re waiting for the finished product:


Comic Conventions!

So, a few convention bits to announce, first of all, GemuCon has officially been cancelled by it’s organizers, making it kind of impossible for me to attend.  Good news is that I am confirmed for Independent’s Day on June 21st, a day where several indie creators will be gathering outside Komix, Melksham as a sort of miniature convention.  It’ll be great fun, come along!  Also, the big one, I will be at Thought Bubble later this year!  It’ll be my first time attending Thought Bubble so excited is an understatement.

Don’t forget, May 10th and 11th I will be at Bristol Comic Expo in, well, Bristol.  Come on down and say hi!

One more thing while we’re talking about conventions… I’m going to help organize one.  MetaCon is due to run June 2015 (exact dates to be confirmed).  I am in charge of the artist alley, dealer’s room, and also the art direction.  Expect me to make it a very pretty convention!


Bromham Carnival

A fun family day out in the heart of a local village called Bromham.  The carnival is something you’ll want to go see.  Pop on over to http://www.bromhamcarnival.co.uk to learn more.  I helped with the website, designed their logo and created their events guide so be sure to show them some support!


One Last Thing, Do You Like Video Games?

Call me crazy, but I’m currently bringing my 3D modelling skills back up to scratch and learning to use the Unity engine in order to create a video game in the same style as Lylat Wars, Star Wars Rogue Squadron, or After Burner.  Everything has been very promising so far and I’m excited to see just how far I can take this.  I am truly learning something new every day on this one!