Return From Kitacon, Art Challenge, A Traitor’s Reasons

First of all, Kitacon!

 I literally just got back in the door from this year’s Kitacon and wow, it’s easily still the most insanely fun convention the UK has to offer!  While I wasn’t selling at Kitacon, I did get the chance to catch up with some fellow creators and held a panel called “How to Draw Your Own Comic Or Manga”, which people found to be very helpful.  Unfortunately, the panel was not filmed but I do intend on releasing a video of the presentation slides with myself talking over them.  I can’t reproduce the talk verbatim because there were some deviations and tangential subjects that I simply cannot recall accurately enough to include.  That said, I still think the information in there is going to be invaluable to anyone who is thinking about creating their own book.

Speaking of panels, Ubisoft’s Reflections studio held a panel on getting into the video game industry which was very informative and I even won a copy of Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag during their talk.  Now I just need to pick up where I left off in Assassin’s Creed Revelations and then beat III before I can play it.  The ones I’ve played so far have taught me I cannot afford to skip entries where the plot is concerned.

Fellow comic creator Tab Kimpton of Khaos Komix also gave a panel on “Kickstarting Your Comic” which had plenty of useful advice for comic creators, direct from a veteran of the webcomic community.

Kitacon held it’s reputation as being the party convention, and this is proven by the fact that I am still stiff and sore from Saturday night’s rock party.  DJs LastKnight and Shenny absolutely nailed it and an awesome time was had by all!

If you look very carefully, you can just about see my head behind the shoulder of the guy in the blue shirt on the right.

Alas, it all had to come to an end eventually but Kitacon will be back in 2015 and the committee plan on making it even bigger than before!  I’ll see you there.

Weekly Art Challenge!

It’s always a good idea to keep your eyes and hands sharply trained so I’ve set myself a weekly art challenge.  The challenge is simple, depict the most ridiculous, insane or hilarious thing I have heard or seen that week.  The first week’s image is complete (see below) and the second week’s will shortly follow.  This should create a nice collection of varied, interesting and bizarre images for you all to enjoy!

01 04 Dinosaur Rider Coloured Web

A Traitor’s Reasons

So, there have been some whispers of myself working on a comic titled A Traitor’s Reasons as well as some questions about what this means for the continuation of Superheroes Ltd.  First of all, I can confirm I want to create a comic called A Traitor’s Reasons and hope to have the first, and possibly second, installment complete by the end of 2014.  I will, however, still be working on Superheroes Ltd and also hope to have the first arc of that complete by the end of 2014.


A Traitor’s Reasons would essentially follow a soldier who has not only questioned, but disobeyed direct orders on moral grounds.  He is struggling with an internal conflict between his loyalty and allegiance to his country versus his morality and conscience.  It’s going to a dramatically intense book and I can’t wait to draw some of the more explosive scenes!

So how is this going to work and why am I doing this?  As mentioned above, I need to keep my creative abilities at their peak and by drawing two separate stories with different tones and demands I will ensure I’m really challenging myself in order to create end products which are energetic, engaging, and imaginative!  I will basically work on issues in rotation between the two books, so I will complete one issue of A Traitor’s Reasons, then complete one issue of Superheroes Ltd, then another issue of A Traitor’s Reasons, then another Superheroes Ltd, so on and so forth.  This means there should be a steady release pipeline for fans of both series with no one losing out.

A Few Closing Notes

Unfortunately, due to an administrative error on their part and an on-going dispute which is unlikely to be amicably resolved, I am no longer attending MCM Comic Con in London at the end of May.  If their guys sort the problem out then I will of course be in attendance as usual but right now they’re giving me the impression that I am so low on their priority list they’ll need professional drilling equipment before they can get to me.  It’s a shame as they have already admitted fault but refuse to offer any resolution.

I will still be at a comic convention in May though, Bristol Comic Expo, 10-11th May, unsurprisingly in Bristol!  Come say hi, I’ll post my table number as soon as I know it!