Free Preview of Joe Cape #3!

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Hey guys, Joe Cape #3 isn’t quite ready to be released just yet but I’m so excited about how awesome the issue is that I wanted to share this free 3 page preview with you!

It can be downloaded right here:

Download it.  Download it now.  It’s great!

One of the first things you might notice is that there’s a slight new twist to my colouring technique and it’s really making all of the pages pop!  I’m also trying to pack in the best backgrounds the series has seen so far.  In that regard I really wanted to share page 4 but there would have been far too many spoilers!

In other news, I moved recently and now have an awesome studio attic room all to myself where I can draw to my heart’s content!  That’s going to help me deliver higher quality comics to you more frequently and that kicks all kinds of arse!  Rock on 2015!

My amazing new attic room studio!

My amazing new attic room studio!